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Decorative paper
Dec 06, 2016

Decorative paper is an essential raw material for many building materials, such as furniture, Cabinet plates, to low pressure, high pressure, and fire boards, flooring.

Decorative paper is placed in the product structure beneath the surface of paper, mainly providing patterns of decorative effect and prevent the liquid permeability of cover at the bottom. This layer requires the paper to have a good hiding power, impregnated and printing performance. Decorative paper requires a smooth surface, good absorption and adaptation, reflection requires color uniform, brightly color requirements.

The late 90 's, Community production of furniture with solid wood furniture, with the development of the times, decorative paper veneer furniture with its beautiful over solid wood furniture heavy enough, gap, disadvantages of high cost, monotone color, became the darlings of the market. Linan universal, Guangzhou Fu Cheng, source and a number of enterprises in Tianjin rapid grasp of the market, will soon become a national market high quality high end decorative paper products lead the industry trend of decorative paper products company.

History of decorative paper in our panel. Our decorative paper has been used for more than 30 years in our country's history, in the late 60 's when we state in the use of decorative paper to do fire Board, these fire panels are manufactured by State-owned companies. A until 70 generation late, began research to do directly veneer of paper, because it by need of pressure is high, to to 60, and 70 kg of pressure, General of Panel including Particleboard, they are bear can't such of pressure, so with high pressure of only first made fire Board of way, again take glue to do, it of manufacturing process very of complex, first to heating, again cooling only can take out. When veneer veneer used in medium density fiberboard and particle board.

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