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High intensity grade-reflective film
Dec 06, 2016

Lens sealing tape is a durable glass beads-reflective film, used in the industry as "high intensity grade" reflective film, in 1972, and developed successfully.

After the qualifying process and material of this high intensity grade reflective film, at least than twice times more engineering grade reflective coefficient, its internal vacuum structure also solves the dew condensation on the signs of problems caused by temperature changes, so as to further improve the reflective ability. The materials published in the 1970 of the 20th century, complied with speed, road conditions good need of technological advancement, has been successfully used to make traffic signs, saving a lot of lives. Compared with the engineering grade reflective film, even signs at a larger angle, and light areas, high intensity grade reflective sheeting makes the logo more visible, effective notice to the driver the road ahead of the risk.

High strength level reflective film used of is glass beads reflective technology, due to it in products structure Shang of innovation, has has than engineering level reflective film unparalleled of reflective brightness and angle performance, but while, is due to high strength level itself structure led to has some to overcome of products defects, as products crisp and easy tear, up wrinkle, and bubble, and surface cellular raised, and production energy high, and emissions big,. Glass bead technology limitations, as well as high intensity grade to a higher brightness and better perspective improve.