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Light-storing film
Dec 06, 2016

Belonging to the two products of acrylic leather FG600 and 10-12 FG720 sustainable light hours. Refers to the use of chemical molecular structure characteristics of light-storing film, to extract some kind of rare earth materials for the raw materials, which have certain lessons, slow light to light the principle. Film can be divided according to different material storage FG302 acrylic type or FG301PET type, both spontaneous and light 5-12 hours. Current light-storing membranes are used in fire safety signs, ship flags, general guide aims to show identification, toxic, non-radioactive, stable chemical properties. With the glowing initial high brightness, long, good flexibility. Excellent weathering properties. Light-storing films can be used in a computer engraving. Indoor life of up to 20 years, outdoor 7.

Is the development of new products, FG600 and FG720 series two products, belonged to the PVC leather, silk-screen printing, absorb natural light, or light and the like 15-30 minutes, sustainable light 10-12 hour, indoor life 20 outdoor 7.