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Micro-prismatic reflective film
Dec 06, 2016

Principle and engineering of micro-prismatic reflective film of retroreflective level (lens embedded) and high level (lens sealed type) tape is different, engineering grade high strength grade is made of glass beads and reflection, reflection principle is the use of micro-prismatic reflective film of micro Prism refraction and reflection. 

Micro-Prism reflective film of main representative products, from inverse reflection features and structure Shang, main can is divided into four class: focused on far distance recognition sex of cut angle Prism, and focused on near distance big angle General read sex of cut angle Prism, and both far distance recognition performance and near distance General read performance of full Prism, and these Prism technology and new material technology phase combined of new Prism type reflective film. Their application is in line with the level of diversification, which have sprung up in recent years to cope with different levels of demand for new reflective material.