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Reflective film classification and technical standards
Dec 06, 2016

Reflective film classifications are many. One of the generally accepted principle of classification, is based on the basic structure of retroreflective elements according to reflective film positive coefficient of photometric performance of retroreflective level sorting methods. But considering the reflective of the different processes, some of which are designed specifically to address non-retroreflective brightness positively, there is a balance between two aspects of performance, there is comprehension requirement for harsh climatic conditions, so this method of classification, there are deficiencies. Therefore, familiar with and master the different application conditions and design of reflective function, it is very necessary.

In traditional habits, according to the reflective reflective element structure, reflective film can be divided into two major categories, glass beads and reflective film microprism-reflective film. Each type of tape is also contain many kinds, such as micro Prism reflective film, due to the introduction of more advanced technology, on its selection of material and the Prism, there are a lot of changes, can handle more traffic demand.