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Simple introduction of glass bead reflective film
Mar 01, 2017

In the traditional habit, according to the structure of the reflective film unit, the reflective film is divided into two categories, the glass bead reflective film and prismatic reflective film. 

Glass bead type reflective film appeared earlier, but there are few technological changes, it has two main types, a lens embedded type reflective film, traditionally known as the engineering grade reflective film; a sealed capsule, usually called high intensity reflective film. 



High intensity grade reflective film, the durability is about 10 years, the maximum degree of attenuation of the photometric is not less than 80% of the standard. And the face film has honey cone, the reflective coefficient should be more than 250 cd/lx ㎡

In the lens embedded type reflective film, it has a long history, the various manufacturers, in the manufacture of a long process, using lens diameter, density, corrosion resistance coatings with different thickness, making many kinds of reflective film.

Commercial grade reflective film, basically is based on engineering grade reflective film on the lens (glass beads) by reducing the number and density of realization way, this reflective film can’t meet the need of traffic sign, and it is more used in the business field.