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The development of decorative paper
Dec 06, 2016

In yiqian, we using of paper main is domestic printing, until 2001 before and after, a is fire board manufacturing aspects developed of abroad brand, also some production base some set in China, like, some decorative paper foreign of brand, they has also in domestic set factory, with strengthened floor of production, some imports of paper was with up has, especially fire Board, found with imports paper production of fire Board with domestic paper production of fire Board of face is completely not as of, it is new, was high pressure type of fire Board , Since due to the extrusion process, it has come down, after all, the use of resources, or is the production of more trouble, a little down, but with the introduction of imported paper, it has good up suddenly in the market, mainly used in the kitchen and office furniture, until now.

So after our country has been in this century, one is a lot of decorative paper decorative paper printing plants and factories, and also use the paper market, and densities are out in front, so entering the 21st century Panel decorative paper for secondary processing improves.

With the real estate industry heats up, people's living environment and the increasing demands of the work environment, promote the hottest of decorated paper markets, impregnated paper laminate flooring, veneer plywood, furniture and decoration, such as the rapid development of the industry, our decorative paper industry have pulled into the boom period, decorative paper consumption continues to increase, improve quality, increasingly rich varieties.

In recent years, given surface plasticity of requirements and environmental, main is no formaldehyde of requirements, decorative paper are is different from Yu traditional of using melamine impregnated liquid dip coated processing, but in paper surface Shang finished ink zhihou, then again in surface coated cloth water polyurethane resin, up to anti-scraping of protection role; water polyurethane resin coated cloth in paper surface Hou, paper also can for package covered curling, plasticity will than previously of better. This type of cleaner production in Zhejiang, Shandong's development and production, for decoration of waterborne, environmentally friendly method of providing a reference.