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3M Reflective 3M Reflective Fabric Distinction
Dec 06, 2016

3M reflective membranes and 3M function of reflective fabric, reflective layer there is a large difference. 3M-reflective glass-bead and micro-Prism-shaped, its structure is different, but the frame is very similar to 3M reflective cloth is generally exposed type of glass beads, the duct can be varied. 3M reflective lattice with lattice back are generally micro-prisms, Burkina Faso, the size much smaller than micro-Prism 3M reflective film, such as lattice with specification 5cm*50m and 3M general packaging specifications for reflective film 1.24m*45.7m. Product specifications can be customized in a certain range, understand, and diamonds in the 3M micro Prism reflective membrane and superior membrane is a mature product, and the lattice is in the development of some of its semi-finished products.

Product performance:

1, 3M reverse reflective excellent performance, under certain conditions, night-time visibility of up to 1000 meters, and reflect more than 85% of the incident light.

2, excellent weatherability, washable, dry, micro-bead easy off, not easily fade. 3M reflective fabric soft, direct sew.

3, wide angle: 3M reflective cloth not only have high strength and high brightness and wide angles greater than 45 degrees. Reflection strength of 500 degrees, 50 washing, dry 20 times

Product use:

3M reflective fabric can be made or decorated clothing, hats, gloves, bags, rain gear, trademarks, etc. Or decorate a variety of casual clothing, school uniforms, vehicle drivers, sanitation workers, construction workers and Knights competitive uniforms, various products such as bags, shoes and rain gear, that play a role in utility, landscaping and make our products with safety features.