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Application Of Reflective Material In Which Places?
Dec 06, 2016

Industry refers to five levels of reflective materials used all kinds of reflective film, Diamond Grade reflective film, high strength grade, engineering grade reflective film, advertisement grade reflective film and plate grade reflective film. Main for making of various reflective logo signs, and vehicles plate, and security facilities,, in day to its bright of color up to obviously of warning role, in night or light insufficient of situation Xia, its bright of reflective effect can effective to enhanced people of recognition capacity, see target, caused alert, to avoid accident occurred, reduced personnel casualties, reduced economic loss, became road traffic not missing of security guard, has obviously of of social benefits. 

At any time with economy of development, traffic road development is quickly, China highway mileage of quickly increased, highway traffic engineering of high-speed of, and information has became development direction, with China town of of construction and development, city of environment of and landscaping became elements, full, and full interchange of City Road increasingly more, while, various vehicles of has volume increasingly big, traffic prosperity degree growing, with of and to, traffic management, and traffic security was mentioned has is important of status, strengthening traffic management, Ensuring traffic safety, to ensure that the development of the national economy, ensure the safety of people's lives and property, has become a consensus among members, traffic signs, road and traffic safety facilities, vehicle identification, settings for signage is very important part of traffic safety management. 

Foreign figures show that traffic and road signs and probability of accidents related to 70%, bright full of traffic and road signs to drivers and pedestrians with a good conditioning, can effectively reduce the number of accidents and improve road efficiency. According to statistics from related departments in 1996, night-time traffic accidents amounted to 81562, 2535 people, 28 per cent of annual deaths due to traffic accidents. 3%. No lighting conditions, use reflective material signs of conspicuous traffic signs, vehicle licence, wear decorative clothing reflective materials can bring down the traffic accident 30–40%.