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Basic Knowledge Of PVC Wallpaper
Feb 18, 2017

1.PVC  Wallpaper

It is widely used in the present market, the surface of fabric is coating with PVC. Its advantages: waterproof, moistureproof, durable, exquisite printing, perfect embossing, can be printed on the wallpaper showing all sorts of design and decorative pattern.the color expression create a new page of wallpaper development. PVC divides into ordinary and foam wallpaper. Foam wallpaper is thicker than ordinary PVC film.


2.Pure paper wallpaper

Mainly made by grass, tree bark and modern high-grade new natural strengthening wood pulp(containing 10% wood fibre), with natural color, plain, simple paste technology, no edge warping, no blister, no objectional odor, high environment performance, breathable. Pure paper wallpaper is designed specially for European Children.Its disadvantage is easy to be affected with damp.

3. Non-woven wallpaper:

This wallpaper has excellent performance, to overcome the lack of a lot of wallpaper, become the classic, practical high-end wallpaper. Extract from the fine wood fiber silk of the special tree species , use inferior smooth type pigment(flowers, linen extract), soft and natural, easy to match with the furniture, with a wide variety of colors. It is without any chemical damage to the human body , good for maintain good ventilation, known as "The wallpaper of breathing". It is durable, the anti-resistance pulling effect is better than ordinary wallpaper 8-10 times, anti-moisture, anti-mildew, anti-moth. Durability is 2-3 times that of the ordinary wallpaper, is the first choice for healthy home.

4. straw wallpaper:

Use grass, kudzu vine, bamboo, rattan, wood, leaves as the main raw material, dry the material, then pressure on the paper, non-toxic and tasteless, Sound-absorbing moistureproof, cool ventilation, to both environmentally friendly and effective moisture proof , noise insulation and other functions.

5. Metal wallpaper

Numerous rich and elegant, noble and gorgeous, it is the gold, silver, copper, tin and other metals, after special treatment, made to thin paste decorated on the wallpaper surface. Home decoration can be appropriately embellished by using this kind of wallpaper, total room will be reveal eith the traces of a dazzling and avant-garde.