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License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting Series
Jun 17, 2017

In the modern society, car becomes an integral part of people’s lives. Every car has its own ID---car license plate. Here comes the question: how to produce car license plate?


Different countries may have different colors, sizes, or some specific requirements. But there are two main ways to produce it, embossed on the Aluminum and adhered to Acrylic plate.


In China, we use embossing car license plate. First, we do screen printing on the white reflective film, it will become blue. Second, we adhere this film to the Aluminum plate to emboss. Finally we sweep the blue pigment on the embossed number.

(Refer to XW 8200)




For the Acrylic plate, it is widely used in European market. First we do laser printing on the reflective film. Then adhere to the Acrylic plate

(Refer to XW 7201)


Wrriten by Kevin Shi, kevin@cnxwfg.com 

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