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Microprism-reflective Film
Dec 06, 2016

Reflective film is developed in the past 50 years of new functional materials. Micro Prism reflective film is developed in the late 80 's, due to the high brightness, excellent durability, while overcoming the past the effective angle of small reflective material of a Prism, observation angle, the reflected beam asymmetric faults, which need high brightness became more widely used in road traffic.

Micro Prism reflective film of the reflection principle is based on the light in three dimensional space, from certain angles, perpendicular to occur 3 times on 3 planes of reflection, then reflect back along the original direction, as shown in Figure 1.

According to the different manufacturing process, reflection in the Prism surfaces there are two types: one is the air-interface of resin (full) reflex, and the other is a reflective aluminum-resin interface.

According to the different types of reflection, micro Prism reflective membrane structure can be divided into two (see Figure 2, Figure 3): coating reflective film (ASTM4956 known as Type v Sheeting) and non-plating type reflective film (referred to as Type IV ASTM4956 Sheeting). Due to the coating-reflective color grey, gloomy market prospects.