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Reflective Application In Automotive Industry
Dec 06, 2016

Body posted reflective tablets and called body posted reflection device, body posted identifies, is in September 2011 began rise of a container, drag trailer, truck body reflective equipment, main is meet whole depot in supporting using of common lights series device, is alternative 3M reflective film of plastic accessories, it has reflective photometric strong distance far, reflection device angle big and appearance effect excellent, wear, easily damaged and aging dropped of features, is future whole car supporting of a trend. Although vehicles abroad does not appear, but domestic traffic in the increasingly complex and frequent high-speed accident cases, is also a kind of demands.

Main use: 3M body made of reflective safety products, in a certain light can produce strong glistening effect, for pedestrians in the dark or night operation staff to provide the most effective and reliable security guarantees.

Reflectors are the principles of optics, retro-reflective light back to the light source at a special PVC-film. By good weathering properties of thin, tiny glass beads, focused, reflective layer, adhesive layer and split layer.