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Reflective Characteristics Of Different Levels Have Different
Dec 06, 2016

Along with the advanced technology, solar reflective film with glass bead technique, micro-Prism technology, synthetic resin technology, film technology and coating technology and micro-replication technology, has played an important role in our lives. In accordance with the types of adhesive reflective film, reflective film can be divided into heat-sensitive adhesive tape, pressure sensitive adhesive tape and adhesive-free reflective film. Reflective film on the market according to the different levels of classification, the use of different and having different characteristics, we sort out the one by one.

Diamond Grade: it uses the latest technology of micro-Crystal cube reflection. After each micro-Crystal cubic coupling arrangement, in the area of one square centimeter of material would be having more than 930 cubic corner-ceramic body. Cube corner-ceramic body lower sealing an air layer is formed, make the incoming light to form total internal reflection and metallic reflective layer is not needed to reach the most excellent reflective effect. Diamond Grade reflective film more than six times times the brightness level for the project, high strength level is more than three times. Applies to Highway and urban road traffic signs.

Engineering grade reflective film: is generally divided into two types:-pressure sensitive and heat-sensitive. The inks in the same category using screen printing technique can make all kinds of patterns. Suitable for general road traffic sign, usually a grade I, grade II or grade III, four-level roads and temporary use of the flag. Operating temperature: General requirements 18 degrees ~28 degrees Celsius.