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Reflective Fabric To Play A Prominent Role
Dec 06, 2016

For a composite multilayer material products, the key is to ensure the incident light from the light source to the retro-reflective devices refraction, reflection, most return to the light direction and position, to play a prominent role. When all of the light path unobstructed, ensures uniform beads are single layer densely arranged on the surface of fabric, and according to taking characteristics of wear, washable, waterproof, etc. Research and development of reflective material has a certain degree of difficulty, it is related to many disciplines, including textiles, chemicals, machinery and electronics, light industry, optics, processes are long, equipment, process has a high degree of uncertainty. Explore only according to the principle of the retro-reflective studies. In the process, in addition to choosing the right raw materials such as fabrics, slurry, beads and so on are the main factors, coating and Pearl device and processing technology of a series of technology is also extremely important.

Reflective cloth is a widely used safety equipment, uniforms, work clothes, film, protective clothing is closely related to people's life and property security of high-tech products. This reflector is the use of high refractive index glass beads retroreflective principle made by focusing treatment of advanced technology. It can direct light is reflected back to light in the distance, regardless of the day or night should have good optical properties of retro-reflection. Especially at night, to play as in the days of high visibility.