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Reflective Material Internet Marketing
Dec 06, 2016

Reflective material as industrial field in the of raw materials using, face information high-speed development of today, reflective material enterprise and businesses have with Internet of development trend big playing network brand, from Baidu bidding to portal advertising put, from reflective material Enterprise website construction to reflective material industry portal website construction, even with Yu third party e-commerce platform Alibaba trade, are seems to into to reflective material industry times of a trend, with with reflective material network, industry professional platform landing Internet of stage, Marketing network for reflective materials enhance a high degree of efficiency, but this is only a start, in the near future, the reflective material online marketing will continue to update progress.

We have a modern plant and automatic production lines, the company has strong technical strength, testing equipment and research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of the complete system. Long-term and close cooperation between the science and the development of new traffic safety materials. Maintaining close cooperation with many companies in the same industry, resource integration, dominant share. Products through a EN471-2 in Europe, United States ANSI as well as environmental certification and international certification. National traffic safety facilities of quality supervision, inspection reports,

Products and services in the basic clothing, housing, transportation aspects. Like trims on clothes (reflective) trademarks (reflective PU film and TPU film), hats, umbrellas, shoe ornaments (for reflective fabric, reflective PVC,TPU, packages, etc).