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Reflective Usage Considerations
Dec 06, 2016

1. before use, check box labels, check the type, specification and compatibility of color, if inconsistent, do not open the box, then contact with me.

2. operating environment: at a temperature of 18~28℃ (CY3100, CY5100, 8~30℃), relative humidity of 30~60% environment for 24 hours or more (foil and conserve the same), and ensure that workplaces and tools clean.

3. expand the film when facing up, and prevent scratches or hard objects. When cutting high intensity grade reflective film, operators had better wear a silk or cotton gloves with sharp knife blades with 10 ° ~30 ° angle cut off so as not to cut out the rough edges. After cutting the membrane surface facing up, placed on a flat, size is larger than the cut reflective film on the platform; phenomenon strictly prohibits the use of the tunnel. When not in use, please put in its own plastic bag, tied tightly to prevent moisture absorption. Stack the same size, the same shape of small reflective film to control when its stacked high, without any heavier items.

4. unused tape, to wind up on the original paper and tape in the Central ends of the width and three fixed, plastic bags, equipped with plastic stent placed in the original packing box, placed directly on the floor or leaning against the wall to prevent tunneling and wrinkling.

5. when high intensity grade reflective lettering, with a sharp point and suitable tool, pressure and speed lettering is appropriate. If the cutter head angle too sharp, you are apt to break at the lettering turning.

6. Please do not use different lots of reflective film in the same sign board.

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