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Reflector For Automotive Body
Apr 01, 2017

*The reflector is installed in the rear of the car with reflective logo, Under the reflector effect, it is obviously to be known there are cars in front, shall be slowing down, so that to strengthen the road traffic safety.

*The reflector must be installed without shielding, easy to see, flat, continuous, and no dust, no water stains, no grease, no rust, no paint from the requirements. 

*The length of any color unit should not be greater than 450mm, should not be less than 150mm, the two color unit length ratio should not be greater than 2 & less than 0.5.The width of the reflector should be selected from the following values: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm.In the case the 50 mm-width reflective film can not be stuck , 25mm-width could be workable.


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