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The Rapid Development Of Reflective Fabric
Dec 06, 2016

According to the principle and structure of retroreflective fabric retro-reflective, retro-reflective fabric can be seen by the fabric, reflective layer, composed of chemical resin, glass beads. What process makes a variety of material combinations together, thus ensuring its reflective cloth and other textiles as properties, and manufacturers are most concerned about is research and development issues. From the retro-reflective fabric structure can be seen: the reflective layer, resin, glass beads and other materials was above the substrate, coating, composites, hot variety of processing technologies, such as combined processing methods is necessary.

With the progress of science and technology, people began to use small glass beads to make road signs reflective surfaces, reflective intensity and reflective products and increasingly recognized fastness, as can be seen from, the importance of weather, rain, etc.

With the rapid development of economy and improvement of living standards, demand for safe materials tends to high quality, diversity, flexibility, universality, durability, clothing and so on. Currently the reflective materials of research is still in its initial development phase, product quality, variety, on the reflective intensity and other technology indexes, such as wear resistance, resistance to washing, resistant to weather and United States 3M the company's products, there is a considerable gap. Also far from adequate to meet the needs of global markets. Especially as a safe, protective clothing, on a highway operations staff work wear, requires reflection intensity better, reflective point of bigger is better, so accelerating reflective product research and development, have a very important significance to meet market demand.