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Acrylic Coating PET Surface Digital Printing Cold Weather Easy Application Traffic Reflective Film

XW5104 Reflective film is PET + Acrylic coating surface, enclosed glass beaded type designed for many non-critical traffic signage and commercial application...




XW5104 Reflective film is PET + Acrylic coating surface, enclosed glass beaded type designed for many non-critical traffic signage and commercial application, the retroreflection meets ASTM D4956 Type I standards, can be digital printable, the advantage of this type is easy application in cold weather. 

Key Features 

• Easy application under cold weather condition  

• Excellent angularity in both horizontal and vertical 

• Easy to apply 

• Up to 5 years’ exterior durability 

• Additional roll widths available upon request 

•Screen printing, digital printing Application and Uses

Application and Uses

Mainly for advertising graphic, promotional signs:

Parking signage, vehicle promotional signs, indicator signage.

Main Characteristic



Adhesive color and type

Clear, Pressure Sensitive


130 Gram Poly-coated paper liner

Application Surfaces

Flat without rivets


Aluminum, stainless steel and automotive paint

Application temperature range

15 ℃

Roll size



White, yellow, blue, orange, red

General Performance Characteristics

The durability of XW5104 depends on the following:

• Selection, preparation and temperature of the substrate

• Ink formulation 

• Drying methods 

• Application methods

• Cleaning and maintenance methods

• Exposure conditions 

Product Data


7 years

Retroreflective Elements

Reflective glass bead

Film Thickness

135 mics  

Face Film

PET + Acrylic


30 mics permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive

Release Liner

130 Gram Poly-coated paper liner

Application Surface

Flats surface only such as aluminum

Application Temperature



Plotter cutting, tearable

Coefficient of Retroreflection

70 cd/lux for white at 0.2/4

Maintenance and Cleaning

Wash with detergent and water and rinse thoroughly.

Using high pressure cleaning equipment, the following conditions should be applied/ set up:

• Maximum pressure 80 bar

• Cleaning wand to be held at no greater angle than 15 degree from perpendicular to the sheeting surface

• Wide spray pattern 

Screen printing

Carefully follow the limitations of the specific inks and the instructions in the appropriate Product and Instruction Bulletins. Do not use inks containing metallic pigments.


The recommended methods of cutting as follows:

· Hand cut 

· Band sawing

· Cold and hot steel-ruled die cutting

· Drum-type electronic cutting or flat-bed electronic cutting if equipment available

When using any equipment, take care and always follow the manufactures’ instruction for safe operation. 

Storage and Shelf Life

1. Reflective Sheeting must be used within 1 years after date of receipt from XW; 

2. Partially used Rolls should be returned to the shipping carton or suspended horizontally from a rod or pipe through the core; 

3. Store the sheeting in a clean, dry area at 20 ℃ and 50% relative humidity and away from direct sunlight.

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